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Youth National Championships General Info


So you think you are the best in the Nation and you want to prove it.  Well here is a bunch of info to help you understand what is involved and what it takes.


USRowing YNC Packet - Lots of info here. definitely worth the read but I have also simplified it for ease of understating.  Once your committed to going to Nationals then you should read this packet.




To qualify you must be one of the top three finishers in a Varsity event at the Southwest Juniors Region Championships.  This is one of the fastest regions in the nation so you will need to be very very fast and a little lucky to accomplish this.  Lots of fantastic rowers have not succeeded.


Once you qualify you have three days to decide if you want to go.


Where is the event:


This year it is on Sarasota, Florida


It has also been in New Jersey, Ohio, Tennessee, and once in Sacramento.  I hear that they are going to mix it up every year but we will see how that goes.




These are all approximate costs.  There is a lot of variation depending on where Nationals is and if we can find a free place to stay or a boat to rent at the regatta site, etc.  It is expensive so if you want to go to Nationals you should start saving for it early in the year.  Plan ahead.


Entry Fees:$75

Plane tickets: ~$750 - $1000 each person - We are limited to how early we can buy tickets.  This does affect cost.

Hotel Fees: ~$1000 - if we can find a friend or family member's house to stay at this will reduce the cost significantly

Vehicle Rental: ~500.00

Boat transportation/Rental $500 - $1000

Food while at regatta - $400

While we are at nationals we generally fill the extra time in the day by going to museums, race go carts, play miniature golf or whatever else we can find to do.  Be prepared for extra costs here.


Families are responsible for paying for coaches plane and hotel fees.  His normal daily regatta fee is waived for these events because he is very happy to be able to go and seeing the success of the team is enough payment for that.


Plan on spending roughly $3000.00-$4000.00 in total for nationals.


Fundraising:  The team generally sets aside the Kinetic Sculpture Bake Sale for Nationals Fundraising.  We do ask that the rowers who planning on attending Nationals take over the planning and execution of the bake sale.  They are responsible for getting everyone to help and making the day's of the sale happen.


In the past we have also had families conduct other fundraisers such as a celebratory dinner with raffles and auctions, extra bake sales, car washes, and letter writing/piggybackr campaigns.





Tentative itinerary:


 Tuesday June 7th:


Arrive and find Hotel


Go for a walk or light jog to work out the post flight laziness




Wednesday, June 8th:


Go for a light run in the morning


Be outside


Row if the boat has arrived – check it over


Find something fun to do, explore


Become familiar with area outside venue for things like food and supplies




Thursday, June 9th:


Official Practice row, generally starts at noon


Practice weigh in boat – gives us an idea of how much weight to add to the boat.  The Single must weigh 14kg (30.8 lbs).


Regatta check in – Coach Scott or Lissa will take care of this


Regatta meeting – 5:00 pm - lasts about an hour


Go eat dinner




Friday, June 10th:


The Men’s 1x is the second event, race times are approximate but this is pretty much how this will look.


8:00-8:30am – Heats – this year there are 23 entries so their will be 4 heats.  First placed finishers go on to semi-finals.  Everyone else will go to reps.


A note on reps.  It is short for repechage which is French for second chance.  It is the rowers second chance to get into the semi-finals.




Saturday, June 11th:


8:00 – 8:30 am – Reps – top two go to semi-finals.  Third and the next two best times go to C finals.


2:30 – 3:30pm – Semi Finals – top three finishers go to A finals.  The rest go to B finals.




Sunday, June 12th:


8:15 – 8:45 – Finals




Isaac needs to remember to rest when he is not racing, stay out of the sun, and, if possible, the heat, wear a hat and sunglasses and sunscreen, and drink lots and lots of water.  Plan it being over 100 degrees F. with a super high humidity.


Be prepared for all sorts of weather.  It will be hot but it may also rain, and there are likely to be delays for thunder storms.  That is fairly regular.  Temperature may even drop into the 80’s for a moment.  Last year in Florida it did actually get a little cold for a period of time and mornings are often very cool.


Between races we are likely to leave the course and find somewhere to hang out where it is cool and relaxing.  After the final on Sunday it is a lot of fun to watch the other finals.


Food:  If we have a small soft cooler available it might be good to have some quick snacks for Isaac as well as something cold to drink and possibly wrap around his neck.  I have had success with bandana’s wrapped over ice keeping rowers cool for a moment.  We can go to the grocery store and get sandwich makings or some sort of food for lunch.  We will kind of figure it out as we go along.  There will be some great food vendors at the course, including a fantastic soda truck.  Avoid these if possible. Spectators and coaches may eat to their hearts content but Isaac needs to stay away from these until he is finished racing.


Clothing: plan for hot but be prepared for anything.  Bring a hat and sunglasses.  Isaac should bring a practice uni as well as his race uni.


Bring a water bottle or two.  Camel backs are good – plan on drinking a lot of water.


The venue:


More info can be found at, and at






There will be a live video feed for the finals and possibly the semi-finals.  I will send the link out as I get it.


There is a fee for parking but I have already paid that.  ($25)


There will be lots of venders and other booths to check out. There will be tents along the finish line.  I often find one not in use and “borrow” it while I wait for racing to come down.  Generally, right before the race I disappear down the course and do my pacing thing.  I will be at the finish line by the time the boat crosses.  That is where I like to end up.














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