Humboldt Bay Rowing Association

Eureka, CA

Home Regatta


Signed up: Everyone!


Current News:  This year we are running a full 2000-ish meter course.  If you look close you can see different colors down the course indicating the first 250, middle 500's and last 250.  I put a bend in the course so that the finish line is next to our boathouse and to keep us in more protected waters.  I will shorten the course as necessary.

Keep your fingers crossed for clear weather and no morning fog!!!

Line ups are should be correct but there is bound to be last minute changes.  We are there tomorrow to have fun and give the best show we can.  Lets all just go with the flow and have a good time.


I am running the regatta a little different this year.  Check it out.  Lots of racing, lots of options.  Masters - No Handicaps, but we will give you the faster lane so you have first go at the inside corner at the bend in the course.


Departure time: Juniors be at the boat house at 6:30am, Parent volunteers will need to be there by 7:00am (time to drop kids off and go get yourself coffee - or something like that


Cost: $10 - covers food, launch gas, coaching fee's, and medals


Event Schedule:


7:00  Coaches/Coxswains meeting

8:00  Eight A/Quad A

                      TuiPacPride - Juniors - (Connor) Emma, Gail, Marlo, Nathan, Hannah, Cecilia E., Theo C., Colton

                      McConnell - Masters - (Julia), Cindy, KathyP, MA, MJ, Karen, Lorraine, Jeanne, Julie

                      HSU V8 POCOCK/Skinnies Katharine 8-Karsten/Albert/Simon/Miso/Rovai/Benji/Payton/Ian

                      Believe - Juniors - Isaac, Adam, Finn, Scott


8:30 Four A

                      Giese - Juniors - (Scott), Fionna, Lilia, Hannah, Sophia

                      Roso - Masters -(Jerry) Chris, Amelia, Teresa, L Miller

                      HSU   FINI/Greens Tarah Klausen/Alec/Ryan/Gavin

                      HSU Wintech/Greens Piper Miso/Austin/Mike/Tommy


9:00 Women's Quad A

                      Believe - Juniors - Emma, Gail, Marlo , Ceclia E.

                      Redd - Masters - Kathleen, Karen, Lorraine, Jeanne


9:30  Eight B

                      Tui -  Juniors - (Fiona ) Colton, Adam, Theo C. , Nathan, Gail, Lilia, Sophia, Connor

                      McConnell - Masters - (Julia)Cindy, Erica., Paul, Dan, Max, Amelia, Julie, MJ

                      HSU  Daggett/Woods Tarah Miso/Simon/Gavin/Alec/Klausen/Ryan/Mike/Raymond


10:00 Single/Pair/W2x

                     Pumpkin -Isaac

                     Silver  - Scott

                     R's - Any takers?

                     Pair Firestorm - Connor, Adam?

                     Pair - HSU  Pocock/Greens Payton/Ian

                     W2x - Bridges - Fiona, Ema

                     W2x - anyone else?


10:30 Four B

                      Giese - Juniors - Isaac, Scott, Emma, Hannah

                      Roso - Masters - (Jerry) Paul, Dan, Max, Kathy P.

                      HSU   Wintech/Greens Piper Rovai/Karsten/Benji/Albert

                      2x exhibition- Finn, Nathan

                      2x exhibition- anyone else?


11:00 Women's Quad B

                    Believe - Juniors - Fionna, Lilia, Marlo, Sophia

                      Redd - Masters - L Miller, Chris, Teresa, Erica


11:30 Mixed Double

                     Egret - Masters or Juniors - Gail, Finn

                      Bridges - Juniors - Isaac, Fiona

                      Poco - Anyone - Connor, Hannah

                      Princess - Juniors  - Scott, Emma


12:30 Awards and wrap up



Humboldt Bay Rowing Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the sport of rowing for community members of all ages and abilities. HBRA is located in the Adorni Center and the HSU Boathouse on the Eureka Waterfront. Please call 707.677.3214 for further information.