Humboldt Bay Rowing Association

Eureka, CA

Head of the American - Saturday October 28th



Current News: A very straight course, good for testing all out raw speed.  This is a hugely over-subscribed regatta.  It is neat to see all of the boats and competitors but it is very, very crowded.


Fees are $150 per rower


Departure time: Friday October 28th, 8:00 am - you will need to miss school for this one so that we can practice on the course on Friday.

Event Schedule:




- Friday - depart early

- 2:00pm - arrive at race course, rig boats and practice down course

- Head to Hotel by about 5:30/6:00

- Eat at Hotel (this may change slightly but that is the current plan)

- Team meeting by 9:00 at the Hotel (location TBD)

- sleep by 10:00 PM


Saturday - wake up at 6:00am

- Depart by 6:30

- Coxswains meeting at 7:00 am




Scott (truck):

Syndi - Scott (cannot drive home)

Aimee -  Seth,   ,

Caroline - Fiona,   ,   ,


Venue Address:


Lake Natoma, Nimbus Flat State Park, Gold River, CA 95670


Directions from Highway 50: Heading West from Lake Tahoe or East from Sacramento or San Francisco take the Hazel Ave. (Exit 21). Go North onto Hazel Ave. Make the first right hand turn in to Nimbus Flats California State Park. Or if lot if full follows signs to overflow parking.


Directions from Highway 80: Heading West from Auburn or east from North Sacramento take the Sierra College Blvd. exit (in the City of Rocklin) and turn South on Sierra College Blvd. In about 6 miles Sierra College Blvd. becomes Hazel Ave., continue South through the town of Orangevale and finally across the American River. The first left after the river is the Aquatic Center. The entrance to Nimbus Flat is a small left hand turn pocket after the Gold Country Blvd. /Nimbus Rd signal. Make the next left into the Nimbus Flats California State Park. Or if lot is full follow signs to overflow parking.


Friday Parking:


I would try across the street from the venue but their is this lot available with transportation to the site.

2300 Mine Shaft Lane, Rancho Cordova, CA


Saturday Parking:


11971 Foundation Pl, Gold River, CA 95670





Holiday Inn Express & Suites El Dorado Hills

4360 Town Center Boulevard

El Dorado Hills, CA 95762


Directions to the Hotel:  Past the race course on Highway 50 to exit 30A, right on Latrobe Blvd, Left on Town Center Blvd, it will be on your left hand side.




Parents 1: Scott, Syndi, Aimee


Boys 1:

Boys 2:

Girls 1:

Girls 2:





01    Mens Jr 4x                                            Finn, Ora, Colton, Scott - Believe

                                                                       Theo T., Theo C., Nathan - Redd

02    Mens Masters 4x

03    Womens Masters 2x                          XX- Egret, XX - Princess

04    Womens Jr 2x                                      Fiona, Emma - Bridges

                                                                       Cecilia, Gail - Poco

05    Mens Jr Novice 8+

06    Womens Jr Novice 8+

07    Mens Open 4+

08    Mens Ltwt 4+

09    Mens Masters 4+

10    Womens Masters 4+

11    Mens Collegiate Novice 8+

12    Mens Masters Novice 4+

13    Womens Collegiate Novice 8+

14    Womens Masters Novice 4+

15    Womens Masters 4x                          XXXX - Believe, XXXX - Redd, XXXX - Phoenix

16    Mens Open 1x

17    Mens Masters 1x

18    Mens Masters Ltwt 1x

19    Mens Jr 1x                                            Finn - Pumpkin

20    Mens Open 2-                                     ????? Finn, Nathan - Poco

21    Womens Collegiate 2-

22    Womens Open 2-

23    Womens Masters 2-

24    Womens Open 4x

25    Mens Jr 8+

26    Womens Jr 8+

27    Mens Masters 2x                                XX -Egret

28    Womens Masters 1x

29    Womens Masters Ltwt 1x

30    Womens Masters Novice 8+

31    Womens Jr 4x                                      Cecilia A., Cecilia E. Lilia, Emma - Believe

                                                                       Sophia, Eva, Gail, Iris - Redd

32    Mens Open 8+

33    Mens Ltwt 8+

34    Mens Masters 8+

35    Mens Open 2x

36    Mens Ltwt 2x

37    Mens Jr 2x                                            Scott, Finn - Bridges

                                                                        Theo, Seth - Poco

38    Mixed Masters 2x                               XX- Egret

39    Womens Collegiate 8+

40    Womens Ltwt 8+ (no collegiate entries)

41    Womens Masters 8+

42    Mens Jr 4+

43    Womens Jr 4+

44    Womens Collegiate 1x

45    Womens Open 1x

46    Womens Jr 1x                                      Gail - Pumpkin

47    Womens Collegiate 4+

48    Womens Open 4+

49    Mixed Collegiate 8+

50    Mixed Masters 8+

51    Mixed Masters 4x

52    Mixed Masters Novice 8+


What to Bring:

Prepare for wind and rain but don't forget your sunglasses and hats too.





Truck Rental:            $250

Truck Gas:                 $200

Hotel:                         $600 for four 2Q rooms

Entry Fees:                Eights $140.00, Fours $76.00, Quads $76.00, Doubles/Pairs $54.00, Singles $35.00



Total per person: $150







Humboldt Bay Rowing Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the sport of rowing for community members of all ages and abilities. HBRA is located in the Adorni Center and the HSU Boathouse on the Eureka Waterfront. Please call 707.677.3214 for further information.