Humboldt Bay Rowing Association

Eureka, CA

October 8th  Head of Humboldt



Current News: A fun day for those who don't normally get to race.  This event is for the entire team.  Rowers course rules are at the bottom of this page.


Spectators: Good places to watch are all along the Eureka water front to the finish line at the HBRA Boathouse under the bridge.  Rowers love to hear you cheer so yell loudly for your favorite boat.


Event Schedule:


7:00 am      Coxswains meeting at HBRA Boathouse

8:00 am      HBRA Master's 8+, HBRA Junior's 4x

9:00 am      All 1x, 2x, & 4+

10:00 am    HBRA Mixed boats

12:00 pm    Awards Ceremony at the HBRA Boathouse



7:00 am        Coaches/Coxswains meeting


8:15 am   8+'s

                                          1 HSU Women D

                                          2 HSU Men/Masters E     Pocock          Karsten (c), Benji, Dan, Tom S, Travis, Jack R, Julie, Laurie

                                          3 HSU Men/Masters D    Daggett        Tarah (c), Payton, Ryan Mc, YJ, Paul, Erica, Tom C., Roxy, Jeanne

                                          4 HSU Women C

                                          5 HSU Men/Masters C    Tui                 Piper (c), Cindy, Mac, Kathleen, Lenny, Jerren, Kathy P, Teresa, Lorrine

                                          6 HSU Women B

                                          7 HSU MEN/Masters B    McConnell   Carla (c), Skip, Liam, Dani, Alec M., Gavin, Allison, Chris, Celest

                                          8 HSU Women A

                                          9 HSU Men/Master A      Kenworthy   Ben(c), Wood, Albert, Simon, Trent, Dalton, Cody, Christian, Mo, Ryan V.


8:16 Juniors 8+

                                          0 HBRA JRS                        Pacific           Fiona (c), Cecilia, Emma, Scott, Quinn, Lilia, Finn, Colton, Hannah


8:16 Juniors 4x                1 HBRA Jrs A                     Redd              Elee, Theo T., Cece, Josephine

                                          2 HBRA Jrs B                     Pheonix         Seth, Zane, Jessiah, Brennan

                                          3 HBRA Jrs C                     ML                  Nathan, Tegan, Gail, ______


8:30 Varisty 4+

                                          3 HSU Women A

                                          4 HSU Women B



9:00 1x     3k

                                           1 HBRA Jrs B                    Silver            Hannah

                                           2 HBRA Jrs A                    Pumpkin      Gail


9:30 2x

                                           4 HBRA Mas B                  Poco            Carla, Skip

                                           5 HBRA Jrs C                     Princess      Seth, Zane

                                           6 HBRA Mas A                  Egret            Kathleen, Julie

                                           7 HBRA Jrs B                     Bridges        Theo T., Colton

                                           8 HBRA Jrs A                     D1                 Scott, Finn


9:40 4+

                                           1 HSU Women B

                                           2 HSU Women A

                                           3 HSU Men A


9:41 Jrs 4+

                                           8 HBRA Jrs B                     Roso             Nathan(c), Quinn, Tegan, Josephine, Elee

                                           0 HBRA Jrs A                     Gies


10:00 4x

                                           1 HBRA Jrs                        ML                Optional(c) Gail, Cece, Elee, Josephine

                                           2 HBRA Mas B                  Pheonix       Laurie, Cindy, Paul, Jeanne

                                           3 HBRA Mas A                  Redd            Erica, Kathy P., Lorraine, Karen

                                           4 HBRA  Jrs C                    Believe        Fiona, Lilia, Emma, Cecilia


10:15 1x  B - 3k

                                           5 Jrs A                                 Pumpkin         Ora

                                           6 Jrs B                                 Silver               Scott

                                           7 Jrs C                                 Special entry


10:30   2x    3k Mixed Race (rowers can form their own line ups)

                                           1  Mixed D                         D1

                                           3  Mixed C                         Princess

                                           4  Mixed B                         Bridges

                                           5  Mixed A                         Egret


10:40  2-

                                           5 Jrs                                   Poco            Finn, Nathan

                                           6 HSU Men

                                           7 HSU 2x                           D2


10:50 4x 3k Mixed Race (rowers can form their own line ups)

                                          1 Mixed  A                         ML

                                           2 Mixed  B                        Pheonix

                                           3 Mixed  C                        Redd

                                           4 Mixed   D                       Believe


11:20   2x  3k Mixed Race (rowers can form their own line ups)

                                           1 Mixed A                                D1

                                           2 Mixed B                                D2

                                           3 Mixed C                                Princess

                                           4 Mixed D                               Poco

                                           5 Mixed E                                Bridges

                                           6 Mixed F                                Egret



Course Instructions

Please study the map carefully

− Warm up (shown in the thin blue line) will follow the right hand side of the channels

− Keep no less then 5 meters away from the Woodley Island Marina and be sure to watch for on-coming traffic,

− Make sure to go completely around Indian Island – watch for shallow shoreline around point and along northern side in Samoa Channel

− Safety Launches and Kayaks will help direct traffic throughout course.

− You may warm up past Samoa Bridge in a counter clockwise manner – DO NOT ROW TOO FAR FROM THE START LINE – tide will be incoming so it will take more effort to row to the start line then from it.

− Races will start on time but you will not be penalized for being late to the start.  We will feed you in where we can

− Boats will be started in 10-20 second intervals

− The race (shown in the thick green line) will run from the Samoa Bridge in the Samoa Channel around the two green channel markers and back down the home channel to the last tree before the HBRA Dock

− Failure to properly steer around the red and green channel markers will result in the disqualification.  Channel markers will stay on your port side

− Our course crosses some channels so be aware of regular boat traffic.  Avoid crossing the bows of any fishing vessels and stay to the right side of the channel down the home stretch.  We will have safety launches and potentially the sheriffs boat to assist but all standard California boating regulations and right of ways apply.


Estimated Costs:


Entry Fee:                     $10 per person






Humboldt Bay Rowing Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the sport of rowing for community members of all ages and abilities. HBRA is located in the Adorni Center and the HSU Boathouse on the Eureka Waterfront. Please call 707.677.3214 for further information.