Humboldt Bay Rowing Association

Eureka, CA


Gold Rush Regatta


The masters team arrived in Sacramento on Friday the 20th prepared to practice on the course the day before races began. This helps loosen up the muscles and get a feel for the new waters , the start line, and the lanes. The masters finally unloaded and rigged all their boats. Weather conditions for the day were supposed to be a cool 65 degrees but the storm cell that was supposed to hit the following day arrived sooner than expected. Good for race day but not so good for practice. The masters took to the water and within minutes wind speeds picked up and the rain came down. All boats rushed back to shore as the 20-25mph winds picked up. Boats were quickly put down in slings and strapped in for the winds to come.


The day started early on Saturday with coxswains, coaches, and those bowing boats attending the coaches/coxswains meeting at 7am. The waters had calmed and the wind had died, making it perfect conditions for racing. Races for the day would be reversed handicapped. Instead of having all boats start at the same time they would be started based on their handicap time. The boat with the highest handicap would start first followed by the boats with the least handicap leaving after. This allows for people to know the results as the competitors pass the finish line instead of having to wait for time adjustments from the finish line tent.


Men's Masters 2x "E-G"

1. Berkeley 3:57.0

2. Long Beach 4:03.4

3. HBRA 4:13.3

4. Ashland 4:28.5

5. Sea Bass 4:30.1

6. Stockton 4:43.9


First race of the day was the men's 2x. All boats started on the go call. Due to the strong crosswind off of port side Peter Daggott and Skip Dunham were off to a rough start. Missing water on one stroke and then missing water again on the next. Berkeley and long beach shot off the start and HBRA  followed behind trying to make up water. As they hit the 250 mark the men had a good sprint with nice rhythm, unfortunately they were unable to catch up with the front of the pack and cruised in 10 seconds after Long Beach.


Women's 4x "D"

1. Marin 3:50.1

2. LMRC 3:56.4

3. HBRA-B 4:05.1

4. HBRA-A 4:17.0

5. Sea Bass 4:33.0


The much anticipated women's quad event took off around 10:15. The women’s A boat was composed of Karen Sack, Carla Fuller, Dani Stubblefield , and Jeanne Marlatt. With frustration and struggle in the weeks before, when the quad finally took to the race course they had what they were lacking at practice, nice run of the boat and ratio. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough and they place 4th  after a nice sprint at the end to finish 15 seconds before Sea Bass and 12 seconds behind HBRA B boat.


HBRA B boat had a solid race with an interesting finish. HBRA B boat consisted of Erica Carlson, Mary Jane Lathan, Kathy Phillis, and Cindy Botelho. They maintained contact with LMRC and tried bringing up their rate but LMRC held them off until the finish. B boat cruised in 9 seconds behind LMRC as LMRC gave one finally push to seal the deal on their 2nd place finish behind Marin.


Women’s Masters Ltwt 2x “B-F”


Marin 4:35.1

Sea Base 4:45.4

Newport 4:36

Ashland 5:00.5

OAR 5:01

Humboldt 5:04


The lightweight double comprised of Carla Fuller and Julia Smith had a good start in spite of having to wait 26 seconds after the initial horn blew. Humboldt made up 12 seconds of their late start to OAR but were unable to pull up close to the 5th place boat. They had a nice steady row and brought it up to a 30 for the sprint but it wasn't enough.


Men’s Masters 1x “D”


River City 3:55

Dolphin 4:04

Humboldt 4:09

OAR 4:13

Marin 4:14

SAC 4:24


Marty Kimble has a solid race but was off to a rocky start. Start line was where you could really determine who would take the win. The hard cross wind from port to starboard really tested rowers skills. Marty had a nice solid start but had a hard time getting his blades off the water due to the wind. All boats were struggling with the same issue but some more than others. Their was a decent spread between all boats and Marty hard push through the spring didn't make up the 5 second difference between him and Dolphin.


Women’s Master 2x “D”


Berkeley 4:10

Humboldt 4:29

BIAC 4:48


Women’s Master 2x “E”


River City 4:23

BIAC-B 4:30

Newport 4:31

Humboldt C 4:35

BIAC-C 4:41


In the first women’s 2x race with Cindy and Erica Berkeley pulled off a win with a half a boat length of open water. Humboldt had a solid sprint but their catches weren't as solid as Berkeley who managed to get ahead and stay ahead throughout the whole race.


The second women’s 2x race with Jeanne and Karen they missed their 3rd place finish due to one off stroke by the pair. Aside from the unfortunate mishap the Jeanne and Karen looked solid and recovered maintain their lead of BIAC-C and pulling off a 4th place finish.


Men’s Masters 1x “F


Long Beach 4:16.7

Humboldt 4:23.8

Long Beach 4:30.8

Unaff 4:44.8

Peter Daggett finished half a boat length behind Long Beach’s K. Jacobs. Peter didn't manage to get the jump off the start the Jacobs had. Peter was trying to make up the seconds that were lost off the start but was unable to make a come back.


Women’s Masters 8+ “D”


NBRC/EBR 4:11.5

Humboldt 4:11.7

Marin-C 4:18.3

OAR 4:20.1


By far one of the most exciting races of the day for HBRA. Humboldt had an amazing start but was unable to find the swing within the first 250 of the race. Adrenalin was high and there was much anticipation for the race. After having an off week in the couple practice that were had for the eight, one last change was made to the lineup that really brought the boat together. The boat was comprised of all the women that attended this regatta Erica Carlson, Kathy Phillis, Cindy Botelho, Karen Sack, Dani Stubblefield, Mary Jane Lathan, Jeanne Marlatt, Carla Fuller with Julia Smith as the coxswain. Going into the second 250 of the race the boat found its swing and started moving though Marin-C. Finally making contact with NBRC/EBR and pulling up neck and neck by the last 250. Unfortunately NBRC/EBR go that last stroke before the finish which gave them the bow ball finish over HBRA.


Men’s Masters 2x “D”


River City 3:46.3

Los Angeles 3:53.4

Humboldt 4:14.4

North Bay 5:12.0


Mixed Masters 4x “B-E”


SAC 3:51.5

Berkeley 3:58.5

LMRC 4:01.8

Humboldt 4:05.5

Sea Base -A 4:16.1

Sea Base -B 4:37.1

BIAC 5:06.0


Mixed Masters 2x “E-H”


Long Beach 4:39.4

Ashland -A 4:42.0

Sac-B 4:45.6

CA X 4:49.8

Ashland -B 4:52.8

Humboldt 4:57.7



Humboldt Bay Rowing Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the sport of rowing for community members of all ages and abilities. HBRA is located in the Adorni Center and the HSU Boathouse on the Eureka Waterfront. Please call 707.677.3214 for further information.