Humboldt Bay Rowing Association

Eureka, CA

Fault-line Face off - 2 Day Event - Feb. 24-25

page updated: 1-15-18


Signed up:


Current News: I am entertaining the idea of having everyone depart on

Saturday early in the morning so that we do not need to get a hotel room

on Friday night.  That would reduce the cost about $40 per person


Important Notes:

This is all stuff from last year but I think it is still accurate.  I will update as I get info


Dock Map




Map - race course


Map - tents


Map - Venue layout


Parent info


- Bring money for food for dinner on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  We

will be eating out to keep things simple.


-Saturday will start with early racing and end with racing but have a huge

middle part of the day of just watching races.  BRING SCHOOLWORK!!!


- Plan for cold, wet weather with a chance of sun.  We may or may not

have a tent so prepare for all contingencies.


- There  is almost no parking at the race site.  All Parents will be allowed to drop athletes at the athlete drop zone at 522 Old San Pablo Dam Road, Orinda, CA; however, they will have to immediately leave the site and park at the overflow lot at the Orinda BART station.


  • Shuttle Schedule from the BART Station:
  • Saturday:  Every 30 minutes beginning at 9:30am from the Orinda Bart Station and continuing until 6:00pm.
  • Sunday: Every 20 minutes beginning at 6am and continuing until 4:00pm

We do get one permit for the truck so we can work out our own shuttles but we will need to plan accordingly.


-Park Opening and Closing:

            Saturday –     Park is open from 7am to 6pm

Course is open from 9am to 5pm

Sunday -         Park gate will open at 6am

Only cars, trucks & Buses with an event permit will be admitted and allowed into the park.


-Coaches & Cox Meeting:

Saturday at noon at the Finish Line


-Boat Check for Mussels:

Please remember every boat must be checked for Quagga Muscles before launching.  If you launch without a blue tag on your boat you will be disqualified.  This puts our site and our ability to run regatta’s here in jeapordy.  To pass the muscle inspection, boats must be dry inside and out and need to be clean.  We will start checking boats at 8:00 Saturday morning.  That is the earliest we can unload trailers as well.  Remember if your boats don’t pass the inspection, you can’t launch.  So, please come prepared, with towels, etc…


-Starting Line:

We will use a starting platform for the races to facilitate starting.  This will require your crews to be able to back into a stake boat and to scull.  Please help us with this.   Please teach your crews to listen to the starter.  We will do our best to have a fair and calm start.


-Bow Numbers:

Please use Bow Numbers for your lanes, it will make it easier for our finish line.  We will be checking bow numbers prior to launch.  This helps our finish line record accurate times, please help us with this.


-Lightweight Weigh-ins:

There will be no Weigh-ins at Fault-line.  We trust each coach to be fair and honest with their lightweight crews.


Departure time:

Friday: 3:00 PM Departure - You can go to school - Racing does not start

until Saturday Afternoon so no need to get there early on Friday

***Plan on stopping for food on the way (or bring your own food

for dinner)



Estimated Fees

Estimated Entry Fee:  $50 per person ($380)

Trailer Fee:                   $30 per person ($450 for truck +bridge toll + gas)

Parking Fee:                 $15 per person (one parking pass - $100)

Hotel Fee:                     $100 per person -($850)

Food:                             $10 per person (race day food - dinner is being



 Total per person: $205



Event Schedule:





5:00 am - drive to race course

12:00 - Coxswains meeting/ lunch at race course

1:00 - 5:00 racing

6:00 - Dinner at local restaurant - bring money for dinner



5:45 - wake up, eat breakfast at hotel

6:15 - depart for race course

7:00 - 3:00 - race

12:00 - Lunch at the race course

4:30 - head for home.  Eat dinner along the way.


SATURDAY (last year - I am betting times will be similar)

                                                    Lane 1            Lane 2               Lane 3          Lane 4               Lane 5            Lane 6              Lane 7             Lane 8

1 1:00PM Girls 2x Flight 2    Casitas A        Los Gatos A     Berkeley A      Humboldt A     Artemis A      Redwood A        Palo Alto

1 1:08PM Girls 2x Flight 3    Artimas A       Artimas B        Palo Alto B     Sea Base B       Humboldt B  Redwood E


7 3:08PM Boys 2x Flight 2     Humboldt A   San Diego A   Capital A         MAC A             Humboldt B     Pacific B         Artemis B       Redwood B


Womens 2x  A  - Bridges   - Emma, Cecelia

Womens 2x  B  - Egret       - Lilia, Elee


Mens 2x A         - Egret       - Ora, Scott

Mens 2x B         - Brigdges - Nathan, Seth



                                                   Lane 1            Lane 2               Lane 3          Lane 4               Lane 5            Lane 6              Lane 7             Lane 8

11 7:48AM Girls V4x Flight 2 Sea Base A     Capital A            Berkeley A   Artemis A         Humboldt A


13 8:28AM Boys V4x Flight 2 Berkeley A      Serra A            Humboldt A Redwood B      Redwood D   NAC A


11 2:28PM Girls V4x Flight 1 San Diego A    Capital A            Humboldt A  Sea Base B     Los Gatos A  Redwood A



13 3:32PM Boys V4x Flight 2 Capital A          Berkeley A        Humboldt A  Redwood A    Serra A          Berkeley B      Redwood D



Depart for home once quads are loaded and ready to go




Suggested - not set in stone and are dependent on when you want to leave we will talk this week

Truck:  Scott   (leaving Friday at 7am)

Syndi-after               3pm        Elee, Nathan, Lila, Ora

Aimee                       ???           Seth, Cece, Emma






Girls room:  all girls

Boys room: all boys

Coaches room: Scott, Syndi, Aimee


Place of Stay:


Holiday Inn Express & Suites San Pablo - Richmond Area

2525 San Pablo Dam Road

San Pablo, CA 94806


Follow US-101 S to San Pablo Dam Rd in San Pablo.

Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 451B for Interstate 580

Continue onto I-580 E (signs for Richmond Bridge/Oakland)

Take exit 11 for Bayview Ave

Turn left onto Bayview Ave

Turn right onto Carlson Blvd

Continue straight to stay on Carlson Blvd

Turn left to merge onto I-80 E toward Sacramento

Take exit 18 for San Pablo Dam Rd

Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto San Pablo Dam Rd


Directions to course:

522 Old San Pablo Dam Road, Orinda, CA

(there is no address on the street) it is the East Bay Mud entrance toward the Boat


Head South East on San Pablo Dam road

Turn left onto Old San Pablo Dam Rd






Humboldt Bay Rowing Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the sport of rowing for community members of all ages and abilities. HBRA is located in the Adorni Center and the HSU Boathouse on the Eureka Waterfront. Please call 707.677.3214 for further information.