Humboldt Bay Rowing Association

Eureka, CA

USRowing Southwest Junior Championships May 5-7th - 3 Day Event




Current News:  This is a championship regatta for the South West Region of the US. It is a huge regatta with all sorts of officials and official rules.  The event starts on Friday with time trials to determine over subscribed events (any that have more then 21 entries).  On Saturday and Sunday there are heats and Finals for each event.  For the Varsity the top three boats of each event have the opportunity to race at Nationals in June.  Therefore for many boats this race is very important and some of the best racing in the Nation happens right at this regatta.  The event is expensive and it is a long arduous weekend.  For those who have to race in the Friday Time trials competition is always very stiff and if you do not make the top 14 then your racing for that event is done for the weekend.  That can be tough for those entered in one event that has a time trial but does not race it's heat until Sunday, so be prepared.


                             If any parents would like to volunteer to help during the event please let the organizers know at the finish line tent at the venue.

                             Let me know if you need assistance.  It is actually kind of fun, just be sure to wear sun screen.


- Lots of information here - some useful, some not but rowers should read through this so they know what is going on and the rules.  Please ask if you have questions.


For those in the Time Trials:

Time Trials will start any time at 2:00 on Friday and will run till about 5:00.  It is a 1900 meter race down the course against the clock, one boat after another to determine the 14 fastest crews.  Those boats move on to semi-finals the next day.  The boats that don't make it to the top 14 are done for the weekend.  There will be an event meeting at 1:30



Cost to park is generally $10/day and it is not at the race site. That lot is full of trailers so they have alternate sites and you will need to take one of their buses to get to the course.  It is only about 5 minutes away and they have a pretty good bus system going.

There is also an park entry fee on Saturday and Sunday.  It keeps going up so I am not 100% sure what it is now but I am guessing it will be between $5-$10.  Athletes will have wrist bands allowing them to get in and out for free.  You may drop off the athletes at the race site.



Nimbus Flat State Park

There will no spectator parking in the State Park this weekend.  All spectators will be sent to the event parking lot.  We will have the Park & Ride as the drop off area.  The shuttle buses will be running and drop off directly in the State Park at the finish line.  Parking at overflow is $10.00 CASH ONLY.



Admission is $10 per person, per day on Saturday & Sunday (no admission fee on Friday.)  CASH ONLY.  General Public, parents, boosters, alumni and family must pay admission to be admitted to the park.  Athlete wristbands will only be accepted on uniformed athletes.  If an athlete wristband is found on someone other than a uniformed athlete the wristband will be cut off and the athlete will not be permitted to get another wristband.  This same rule applies for coaches, riggers and trainers.


Event Parking:

Event parking is $10.00 per vehicle and is located at the maps below. CASH ONLY.  A free shuttle will pick up at the event parking lot and will drop off in the State Park at the finish line tent.  The shuttle buses will run all day until 30 minutes after the last race.  The shuttle does NOT pick up at the fish hatchery.  State park passes will be honored at Overflow parking.


Dropping off:

We provide the lot outside the State Park (Cal Trans Park & Ride) for loading and unloading.  There will be customer service carts to help transport items and people into the event from this location.  Please note that carts are not for athletes, customer service carts are for general public.  If dropping supplies for team hospitality, you may unload in the Park & Ride and the carts will help you to your tent.  Vehicles may not be left unattended in the Park & Ride.


Friday Parking –

2300 Mine Shaft Lane, Rancho Cordova, CA


Saturday and Sunday Parking TBA



The Plan:

  • The Truck leaves at 8:00 am on Thursday morning to ensure a parking spot for the trailer at the course (yes there are so many crews that not all of the trailers fit in the parking lot).
  • Ideally everyone arrives Thursday night (dinners on the way down on your own), meet at the hotel and go to sleep.
  • We will get up early on Friday and be at the course by about 9:00 to rig and go for a morning row.
  • After the morning row we go get some lunch and head back to the hotel to veg out for a little bit.
  • Scott will be at the TT meeting at 1:30 and the rest of the rowers will return to the course 1.5 hours before Time Trials begin.
  • Race Time Trials and go to eat/hotel
  • Coach will stay for the coxswains meeting




Friday Time Trials


LT Boys weight in  window 12pm-1pm

12:30 - TT meeting - just the coach

1:00 - Team meeting with coach - to discuss time trials

2:00 - Men's 4x TT -          Event #         Bow #                    - Believe

2:15 - Women's 4x TT -    Event #         Bow #                   - Roso

3:00 - Men's Lt2x TT -       Event #         Bow #                   - Bridges

4:45 - Men's 2x TT   -        Event #         Bow #                   - Egret

5:00 -  Women's2x TT -    Event #         Bow #                   - Bridges



6:30 - Event Meeting - for coach, everyone else back at the hotel eating

8:00 - team meeting - to discuss Saturday


10:00 - lights out





8:00 - Arrive at course - find a good spot and sit and relax.  Warm up jog 1hr, 10min before race, meet with coach 1 hr before race, launch 50 - 30 min before race (this may be adjusted depending on the temperature)


     11:28 AM Women's 1x     Heat            Cecilia                                               - Silver              Lane


    11:52 AM Men's Light 2x  Heat            Colton, Scott                                    - Bridges           Lane


    3:32 PM Women's  1x       Heat            Cecilia                                               - Silver               Lane


    3:40 PM Men's Light 2x    Heat            Colton, Scott                                    - Bridges           Lane


    4:28 PM Women's 4x       Semi            Lilia, Cecilia, Cecelia, Emma           - Roso               Lane


    5:40 PM Men'x 4x             Semi            Colton, Nathan, Ora, Scott             - Believe           Lane






    8:08 AM Women's 4x     Final               Lilia, Cecilia, Cecelia, Emma           - Roso               Lane


    9:04 AM Men's 4x           Final               Colton, Nathan, Ora, Scott            - Believe            Lane


    11:36 PM Women's 2x   Semi              Lilia, Emma                                       - Bridges           Lane


    12:08 PM Men's 2x        Semi              Nathan , Ora                                     - Egret                Lane


      3:00 PM  Women's 2x  Final               Lilia, Emma                                      - Bridges           Lane


      3:16 PM  Men's 2x        Final               Nathan, Ora                                     - Egret               Lane




What you must bring:

Sunscreen, Hat and sun glasses - The smartest thing you will do all weekend is stay out of the sun.  Just ask Hannah.


rain jacket - yes even with this forecast it could rain, it has happened before

Uni/race clothing - they are pretty big sticklers about everyone matching here.  It really is a big deal at this event.  So be prepared.


School work - there will be lots of down time.  Find something to take your mind off of things.  I strongly recommend school work.





Entry Fees: $710

Truck: $350

Gas:    250

Tent rental: 0 - We are not getting a tent this year.

Food: $75

Hotel: $1,500 - for 3 rooms, Two kids rooms and 1coaches rooms from Thurs to Saturday night


Total costs $2,885


Cost per rower:  $350



Johnston's - ??

Truck - Scott (leaving early a Thursday)

Ballinger - Scott, Ora, Nathan, Colton

Birgit - Emma, Lilia, Cecilia, Cecelia






Holiday Inn Express & Suites El Dorado Hills

4360 Town Center Boulevard

El Dorado Hills, CA 95762


Three rooms -

Coaches/Jack, Syndi, MC






Lake Natoma


101 to US 50 East

Exit 21, Hazel Avenue

Stay in outside left turn lane and turn onto Hazel Avenue

Turn right into Nimbus Flats Park.


- you may drop off rowers but plan on parking at an alternate location.  Parking will cost $10.


Letter from The Aquatic Center


USRowing Southwest Junior District Championships

May 6-8, 2016

Lake Natoma, Nimbus Flat State Park, Gold River, CA


The Sacramento State Aquatic Center would like to welcome everyone to the 2016 Southwest Junior District championships.  Below is information for teams, parents, guests and boosters.  The SWJ championships will be held on Lake Natoma at the Nimbus Flat State Park.  We are fortunate to have such an amazing venue and ask that everyone respect and follow State Park rules and guidelines.


We recommend arriving an hour before you wish to view a race or launch time.












Humboldt Bay Rowing Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the sport of rowing for community members of all ages and abilities. HBRA is located in the Adorni Center and the HSU Boathouse on the Eureka Waterfront. Please call 707.677.3214 for further information.