Humboldt Bay Rowing Association

Eureka, CA

Ashland Invite


The season is winding down with our final two races of the year.  This weekend was at Emigrant Lake in Ashland, OR.  In years past the lake has been quite low so it was refreshing to see it full brim to brim this year.  It also made for a much easier walk to the water from the boathouse.


The day started out nice with calm waters and a semi cloudy sky, and a cool 55 degrees.  By the end of our racing the winds had picked up a little and the temperature dropped to the low 40's with rain and hail.  That was a bit tough for some of our less prepared novice, and a good learning experience on what to bring to a race.


In all the racing was very good.  Each event was very mixed with a goal of matching boats as much as possible.  Ashland more or less started their season just two months ago with about 40 new rowers so HBRA had a pretty big head start on training.


The first event of the morning was the women's eight.  The girls started out behind but found their rhythm by mid race and started walk through Ashland B and A boats.  By the end they had a good gap on Ahsland and won with ease.  It was great experience for the girls in a boat HBRA does not often row.


Up next was the boys quad with our Isaac in a single versus the varsity quad B line up, the novice quad with coxswain, and three Ashland quads, one of them a very fast girls quad.  The race started with Isaac in the lead.  By 500 meters the varsity quad passed and begun moving away from the pack steadily increasing its lead to the end of the race and winning by about 250 meters over the others.  Isaac, the Novice quad and the Ashland Girls held steady until the last 500 meters where the Novice pulled ahead by about a boat length.  Isaac started to loose some steam and dropped behind the two boats while they fought for the finish line.  The Ashland Girls started a huge sprint to overtake the novice, but HBRA was able to hang on for the win.


The Girls doubles went well with some different lineups from our normal strategy.  Marlo and Emma took first in the the A double looking quite nice, followed by Ashland's novice quad, a single and one Ashland double.  Sophia and Gail were having some steering issues with their boat but were hanging on nicely in a line up they had never rowed together and the the Ashland B and C double came in behind.


With the Rain and hail really starting to come down the Novice girls coxed quad went up against the Ashland A girls quad that had raced earlier.  It was tight race all the way down with HBRA working out a boat and a half lead by the 300 meters to go mark.  Ashland kicked in their huge sprint and just barely got the lead at the line.  A very nice race by both boats and possibly the most fun race of the day to watch.


The Men's eight race also featured Isaac in Henry in a double.  They took an early lead and walked away to the end, while the eight held a good pace for second followed by the two Ashland boats.


All in all a fun day for the teams.


Photo credit to team parent Angela Crandall


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